A Lovely Night

I feel like Cinderella right now. Just because…

When a guy, man, or whatever you wanna call them, treats a girl right, he’s a true man. I know it’s just such an amazing feeling when a guy opens the door, and does all those simple things that women swoon for.
If your on a date & the guy doesn’t open a dam door for you, you might just wanna forget he ever happened. The right guy is out there. And I’ve been searching for him forever! I may sound a bit feminist but that’s not what I’m trying to sound like. Sorry boys!
Like Cinderella, sometimes a woman can feel trapped in the life she has. And then usually there’s that “Prince Charming” who changes everything. All your life you’ll dream of this, wonderful night, or time you’ll meet that guy. Here’s a clip from the Cinderella movie with Brandy. This is the song, A Lovely Night! Enjoy!! And feel free to sing along!!

Have a lovely night!!

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