Funny Sick Brain

The last couple days I’ve constantly had work to do. A newsletter to write, dance classes to teach, music to edit, working at JCP, etc. Its been a busy week! Thank god tomorrow is Friday. I’ve also still had problems with sleep. Thanks to that lack of sleep/possible insomnia, I am now sick! I hate admitting it. All day I’ve been saying “It’s just really bad allergies with a sore throat.” Or even the simple, “I dont know what’s wrong with me but I feel horrible.” This way, people can’t get mad when I show up to work anyways. As much as I don’t like it when ppl work when their sick, I can’t afford to miss anything right now! 

Symptoms: I started getting the sore throat on Tuesday night. THAT I thought for sure was allergies. But then last night and into this morning, the drainage happened. My brain was shot all day. And I had to start choreographing a dance! The day seemed to drag on. I even watched some of my regular tv shows & a movie almost everyone knows. See if you can guess it. 😉 I kept thinking to myself the following funny thoughts with my sick head:

“I was just sick with a cold 3 weeks ago if not less!” 

“This is NOT the time for this.” 

“What was it I was just doing? … Oh right.” 

“Wait, what just happened? Rewind, Once Upon a Time.” 

“Stop buffering, Netflix.”

“How the heck am I gonna make a dance today?!” 


“Snow & Charming did WHAT?!?!” 

“It’s too hot.. Now I’m cold. Dam. “

“NO, not WILSON!!!” 

“Nobody else loved Wilson like he did.”

“Nobody loves me.” 

“This music sucks… Wait, no this is good!” 

“Oh shit, I’m gonna sneeze……” 

“I need a nap.” 

Did you guess the movie? LOL Hey, it’s a good one to watch when your sick! Not ,much dialogue, you know mostly what’s going to happen, and any Tom Hanks movie is always good. Needless to say, after I got back from teaching, my head hurt worse than all day. But after popping some Advil, I felt much better. Drinking tea & vitamin waters also helped a ton. It’s cold season! So I hope nobody else gets sick like me! It’s no Bueno.

Here’s a few funny Pocket Princess drawings to brighten the end of your week. It’s helping me! 




Thanks for reading!!  

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