A Look Inside My Wardrobe 

I know I don’t usually do very many fashion posts but I thought why not? So now you get to see in my closet-literally. 

Now, it’s a small space because I live with my aunts. My closet is mainly filled with cabinets that hold board games and stuff. So I have THE smallest closet you’ve ever seen. Let’s go thru the basics that every girl needs in her wardrobe…

1) Sweaters by the Dozen

For me, I am queen of sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. No, I don’t like wearing them out everyday. In fact, when I’m on vacation I try to get away without a sweatshirt. Period. But when I’m shopping, I always want to buy a sweatshirt! Pull over, zip up, all of it! Mostly, I like to wear pull overs in my house because my aunts like to keep it freezing in here. I might as well live in Alaska! Anyways, these are some of my favorites that I think all girls need… 

The Jean Jacket: 


All girls need jean jackets. They go with everything! Perfect for summer, perfect for doubling in winter with a small zip up, and not to mention cute! 

Any Zip Up: 


Comfy, and easily adjustable to temperatures. I like ones that aren’t too thick but everyone likes something different!

Cute Jacket- Leather or any material: 


This one is the comfy mix of leather & sweatshirt. My favorite!! Also, there’s this jacket…

  Sorry, the picture is a little blurry. The Velvet Neck Jacket. It has a part that zips up around your neck, it has a hood, it’s green velvet. It’s super comfy! I’ve had this for 6 years now. And believe it or not, it was worn in Twilight New Moon by Bella! Oh yea, my family rocks at Christmas gifts. 

The Pull Over:  

Essential in any closet. Comfy to snuggle in too, thick or thin. ❤ 



Everyone wears them in different styles & colors. Need I say more? Nah.

Puffer Jacket: 


Depending on where you live, like in Florida, you might never need one of these. But there are different kinds too! There are normal length & then there’s past your butt length like mine is! And I love it! Always great in winter too. And in snow… 

Bonus: Light Weight Pull Over: 


Being basically T-shirt material, I love these. Super chill, comfy & I can even teach dance in one! Sold at JCPennys! We just got tons of new ones in too. 
2) Jeans 

Yes, we all have these. Basically all I have are colored jeans, Capri jeans, bling boot cuts & skinnys. You don’t need pictures for these, I’m sure you know. They make our butts looks good! 

3) Shirts & Tanks


Duh we have to wear shirts. All I know is in my closet, I have tons of tank tops! Ones I can layer, work out in, or just wear. I even layer tees. It’s way cuter at times! Except when it’s hot..In shirts however, there are several kinds…. 

The V Neck: 


Simple and if bought in the right brand, perfect. You could even feel like your not wearing one! Plus the boobs get a little sun.

The Denim Button Up:


May not be a good picture, but you get the idea. 

Crew neck: 

These are always great. I’ve noticed however, ppl don’t always take pictures in them. Maybe we feel they are more like sleepwear? Too cozy? Or maybe yard work wear.. Who knows! 

Frilly Tank:  

Fun. Flirty & thriving. Sorry, I had to.. 

Bonus: Disney Tee! 


A necessity for me. I know I’m a dork but they are always cute! You gotta have at least one to show your child hood. Adults are just big kids anyways! 
4) Scarfs Everywhere 


Omg I love scarfs! Can’t you tell yet?! Yes, they are technically an accessory, but who cares? When it’s not hot as hell, I always wear them. I think everybody does too. There’s several types!

Infinity Scarves: 


These are a hot item in fashion right now. Yes, I make them too. You can have knitted ones, thin ones, anything!! They are easy to style too.



Even kids like them! Yes, I make these too… Sorry for advertising. Lol these are light weight and fun!

Thick & Long: (that sounds dirty…)


Can be styled any way you want. Usually knitted, and go with everything. I love these! I have too many…
5) Dresses Everyday!

I need dresses. I love them and buy them often. There aren’t many types in this case, but always many colors!! They make us look cute, they are fancy and perfect! 

Strapless & Short:


These can be fancy or casual. Either way, cute beyond all reasoning! Just keep your boobs in ladies. No peek-a-boos please! 

Long Maxi Dress: 

I just bought one of these so I don’t have a photo. They are great if your tall, but can be difficult if your short like me. However, they are very cute and dress up easily. Go get one! 

Floral Print Dress: 


Cute, short or long. Usually they are light and flowy, like a flower! These are a must have!

Long Flowy: 

Always gorgeous. Even if your short. This one is higher in front than back, which is stylish now a days. I love them! I have another in lace. 

Bonus: Tank Dress:


Excuse my silliness.. These are always comfortable and sometimes are cooler to wear. Most are made in silkily material or t-shirt material. Easy to wear too! 
Thanks for reading my first fashion post! I hope you have some of these in your wardrobe. Or maybe you’ll go get some. Oh! And shoes are a whole separate post. Lol Maybe I’ll do one but my shoes are a mess in my tiny closet. 

Have a great day!

* All photos by me or family members. 

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