Doing a Photo shoot!! 

  I’m always excited to take pictures. Most people are. I’m very fortunate to have several people in my family who know how to take great pictures with great cameras! I even sometimes catch the perfect shot with my camera-which is great but not as big as my family members’.  

 This photo(above) is from my most recent, random shoot with one of my aunts. Our whole town is wineries so why not use the fences to our advantage?! Lol 

My family tends to be photogenic- it’s in our genes! Another time I took pictures was a couple years ago with one of my aunts & my mom. It went great! And I got to promote my jewelry at the same time!(Shown in picture above) It was cool to play the model part for a day. After we did that, we had some kids from the dance studio I teach at model my jewelry too. Needless to say, it worked! It helped my jewelry items look better online. Plus the kids had fun. I will probably do some more pictures with more kids/teens who are willing and have the time. I know I will have some winter scarfs to sell this holiday season… Any local volunteers?! Kids & adults wanted! Haha…

This last week, I decided that I needed to do something to promote my dance classes I teach. I teach little kids mostly which rarely need promoting. My two hip hop classes did great last year and I expect the same this year. However, this year I finally get to teach older kids! Jazz Funk for ages 12+! I have waited SO LONG for this. My first class went great and I can’t wait for more. On the other hand, I need more kids to keep it going. So, I decided I need to take some photos of me as a dance teacher. I want to take some cool shots of me and my swagger showing my hip hop/jazz funk style. Jazz funk really is my favorite style of dance. People always assumed it was hip hop because I was good at it. They were partly wrong! 

Another reason to do this photo session is to announce that the studio I teach at is the ONLY place that offers Jazz Funk. Crazy, right?! I discovered I need to promote it on my own because my bosses don’t really promote my classes. They never have. I dont know why and I’m not mad- it just makes it harder for me. Here’s why

For example, if I don’t get enough kids in my class, it gets cancelled. On the flip side, if my class isn’t mentioned to people coming in or even on social media, how will people find or pick me?! It’s true, the classes I teach aren’t required for company members to take. Thus, I already have some odds against me. Company kids bring in the most money & take the most classes. I have to hope that new people will come in for all my classes, no matter what age. It makes it tough because us teachers don’t have suggestions thrown at us on how to promote our classes. Most teachers don’t need to worry about it…

 But I do. That is why I am taking charge now; taking control of my classes & my own promoting to draw attention. If I don’t, I’ll lose the class that I want the most. It’s what makes this job so much more worth the time I put in!

I just hope it works…..

I take my pictures tomorrow with my aunt so wish me luck! I’ll share most if them for sure!! 

Stay tuned… 😉 

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