Merryweather: the Smartest of the “3 Good Fairies”

Get the wands ready, it’s time to see who’s the best fairy! 

“The wands?!”

 “Oh no!” 

Oh yes…

We’ve all watched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. And we know the 3 good fairies: Flora, Fauna & Merryweather. For those of you who only remember them by their colors–you uncultured swine– Flora is pink/red, Fauna is green, & Merryweather is blue.  

 Remember now? Good. And to my fellow Disney nerds: I know, we never forgot. Anyways….

Watching this movie as an adult is when you notice a lot more. Obviously, you notice more jokes, hints & who’s bright & who’s not. It’s interesting to see your favorite childhood characters in a new light. I rather enjoy it! So let’s get started on this character review…

  To start, Disney did a great job in making you think Flora was the smart one. Even in an interview with the artist that drew her, she was created to be the ring leader. Here’s why: She always gets the big ideas! Weather they work or not isn’t her concern. Fauna is basically the mediator but has no big problems with Flora’s ideas. Or anyone’s for that matter. She also sticks by the rules. Another reason we see Flora as the head of the 3 is that she likes to take charge in how things are run. But when you look at it, most of her ideas go badly. 

And who saves the day? Little Merryweather! 

 I have a few reasons why I think Merryweather is the smartest/best of the fairies. Seven  reasons to be exact! Here they are….

1) She Saves Aurora from death. Literally. Yes, technically it was up to her since she hadn’t given her gift to the baby yet. It’s all Maleficent’s fault! Lol. Merryweather-in less than 2 minutes-came up with a way to change Aurora’s fate. Although she cannot undo the evil spell, Merryweather made Aurora just fall asleep at the prick of her finger instead of dying. Pretty good solution! Who knows if the other two could’ve fixed it if they had to. (I doubt it) 

2) Merryweather probably did everything in the cottage, for 16 years. We don’t know for sure, but there are plenty clues! When they plan Aurora’s surprise party, Flora does the planning…. Which is why it goes bad. Flora wants to sew while Fauna wants to bake the cake. First, we hear Merryweather say to Flora “But I’ve never made a fancy cake.” Once Flora says that Fauna wants to do it, Merryweather says, “But you can’t sew & she’s never cooked!” So who did do that stuff? Well, it’s clear Merryweather did the cooking. She might have even cleaned too. Also, the way Fauna discusses the dress with Flora, Fauna probably did the sewing. So what did Flora do?! Whatch the baby I guess..  

 3) She sees flaws in ALL of Flora’s plans, & quickly fixes them. For example, in the beginning the fairies are trying to find a way to save the princess from Maleficent’s curse. Flora’s first idea is to turn Aurora into a flower. Sounds good, right? Merryweather thinks for a minute than says, “Until Maleficent sends a frost..” Boom. How did none of the other two think of that? How did we viewers not think of it that quick?!  

 A second example is the plan they chose; to raise the child with no magic. “For 16 years?!” Yup. Merryweather knew it was bad to not have magic involved. She points out that they’ve depended on magic their whole lives. But they did it anyway. Later, when planning the surprise party, Flora & Fauna said no magic. Of course, nothing they made turned out right until they used magic–like Merryweather suggested in the first place. Everything would’ve been fine if Flora & Merryweather didn’t have that battle of the dress. That gave away their hide out! But that’s a minor detail…. (Make it pink.) 

Lastly, the fairies want to get Aurora out of the house on her birthday. When Aurora asks what their doing, Flora just stutters. Merryweather’s quick thinking strikes again! She tells Aurora to pick some berries. Nobody else has that bright idea… Eat that Flora. 

4) Merryweather must be the youngest. Simple: she has black hair (even 16 years later), the other two have grey hair. It can also explain her speed & wit. 

5) She has a funny, dark side. My favorite line from her is when she’s complaining about Maleficent. She says, ” I wish we could turn her into a fat, old hop toad.” Fauna says, “Dear, that isn’t a very nice thing to say.” Then, she reminds Merryweather that their magic can only do good, “bring joy & happiness.” Her response? “Well that would make me happy!” LOL for days. I also like her little grumpy look. She may be a good fairy but she is entitled to her opinions!  

6) She can dance! While she cleans with her magic, she dances! I love it! She’s graceful, and it’s just cute. Maybe she taught Aurora those dance moves…..  Add that to the list of things she does!

7) Merryweather chases Maleficent’s bird & shuts him up. Someone had to do it! That bird was going to ruin everything for their escape. Merryweather even waited him out and turned him into stone by surprise! Like I’ve said, very quick thinking. And once again, it shows how smart she truly is.

In the end, Flora may get ideas & she may have saved the day (in the second part of the movie), but Merryweather still wins in my book. Merryweather thinks always about Aurora, herself, thinks ahead, & is funny. I just like her. Plus, she probably did most of the “living like mortals” compared to the other two. And she is still just as silly after all that work! Merryweather is always herself & stays smart.

Which fairy do you like? Flora? Fauna? Or Merryweather? Either way, they make this classic fairytale even better. It wouldn’t be Disney without them. Not to mention their magic…. 

Make it blue!! 


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