The Backstory of Tramp Part 1

Ever wonder what a character’s backstory was before we meet them? I was wondering that about Tramp lately from Lady & the Tramp. We know Lady’s story but maybe we should know his too. So, I decided I’d create my own idea of what his story was before he was a wild dog, and before he met Lady. 

Im creating this including the things we learned in Lady & the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure. These were hearsay stories & what happened when he left the junkyard. Also, note that this story is fiction-like the movies- and is not written by Disney or affiliated with it… Yet. 😉 This is all a short story from my imagination, so here goes nothing!

Tramp’s Story from the Beginning Part 1

It was a cold morning. The window of the pet shop was extra cold and wouldn’t warm up until the clerk came in. That wasn’t until 7, and it was only 6:30. Tramp, a little grey, scruffy pup, was just as cold as the other puppies. The worst part was he had to go… outside. BAD! He didn’t know what to do and knew he couldn’t wait. So he started looking for a way outside. 

Tramp looked around in the shop, but saw no way out besides the back door. There was no doggy door or any way for him to open it from inside. That door led to a little back yard, just for the dogs to play when it was warm. It was also to do their bathroom stuff. He knew if he was outside he could’ve opened it; it was an older door, much like a fence door. It had a latch that went over a metal hook that was screwed on loosely. The hook usually had a peg looking thing on it but it was never on during store hours. Tramp had only seen it on once. When him & the other puppies were done doing their business, sometimes the clerk would take too long to get them. After a couple weeks of this, Tramp had had enough of waiting. So one day, he saw the trash can next to the door. It was tall and looked stable. After a quick examination, Tramp jumped up onto the can & barley made it without sliding off. Then he saw the latch and thought if he could tap it with one paw, it might come undone. He jumped for it, reached hard for it but missed. The other puppies started laughing at him. So Tramp picked up his courage & tried again. Once he was on the can, he started running in circles to pick up speed. “You’ll never open that! It’s a human thing,” said Fluffy, one of the prissy girl puppies. Right after she spoke, Tramp leaped with all his might and barley hit the latch with his nose. He even tipped his head back to get it to move out. It was just enough to jiggle the latch open. He looked at Fluffy & grinned. She was surprised that he opened it. The other pups stared in awe. Then, Tramp put his paw in the crack of the door. Presto! The door was open & all the puppies ran inside! It was much warmer inside.

Tramp remembered that day and sighed. Sadly, from the inside of the shop, there was no way he could see it open it. He tried head butting the window to see if it would break. That was not a good idea! Once he hit it, he got an instant head ache and fell backwards into the food dish. Tramp was so dizzy he couldn’t see straight for a few seconds. When he looked back, Fluffy & the other girl puppies in bed were glaring at him. He’d made a mess again and they didn’t wanna clean it up. Tramp didn’t care, he’d just eat the food off the ground. Girl pups never did that. 

Tramp sat up and sadly stared outside for what felt like a long time. He knew he couldn’t hold it much longer. Tramp was ready to give up until the front door opened. The clerk was here! He came early! All the puppies were excited. Tramp knew he needed to let the clerk know about his needs. He started to whine and was just about to howl when one of the puppies jumped on him from the box above. They both flipped and Tramp was pegged to the ground. His opponent’s paw landed on his belly. As Tramp started to bite at the pup, it got off and ran to bark at the clerk with the others. Tramp suddenly felt wet on the ground. Panic spread in his body. He got up and realized the tumble made him have an accident! He was so embarrassed and tried to get away from it, hoping the clerk wouldn’t notice. So he ran with the others. The pee started to spread to the food that was spilt earlier. “Hey! Who peed in here?!” the clerk yelled. Tramp hid with the others but the clerk saw the paw tracks & knew it was him. He glared into Tramp’s eyes. “Come here you mangy mutt.” he said as he picked Tramp up by the scruff. Tramp sighed again and looked sadly at the man. He didn’t mean to pee on their floor in the window. He knew better & didn’t want to get in trouble. “That was a bad thing. Especially since you’re the oldest,” the clerk said with one eyebrow raised. Tramp let his eyes get big to show how guilty he felt. “Alright, I’ll put you outside but you might not come in for a while. So don’t run off. You may be 4 months old but you aren’t fully trained yet,” he said. Tramp licked the clerk’s face, trying to apologize. He was very happy to go out. He also never ran off. One of the other puppies did one time & never came back. So Tramp knew better. He’d just play with the toys! 

Tramp ran a few circles around the yard. He loved the grass on his paws & the wind in his fur. He wished he could be outside all the time. The shop’s back yard had a short fence around it and Tramp could see over the top. Not all the puppies could. Compared to some of the others, Tramp was a little older. He had been in the shop life since he could remember–4 months according to the shop clerk. 

Tramp had yet to be adopted by someone. He’d seen plenty of other animals get picked to go live with a human. Sometimes, he felt sad that they didn’t pick him instead of the other puppies. However, there were plenty times Tramp just didn’t pay attention. His mind was too curious about other human things. Like the cake store across the street or the restaurants near by. He wondered if they let dogs in there. Did they ever make doggy cakes? In the yard, he could see the brick walls of an alley. It wasn’t as exciting as the views of the window. The alley went two ways; one street went right by his fence & the other seemed to go straight forward from the back of the shop. It was weird looking but nothing happened back there. Sometimes a cat would go by the trash cans. Tramp would always scare them away. 

Today, he was in a playful mood. Tramp saw his favorite blue ball. It was smaller than the other toy balls and bounced higher too. He stared at the ball, lowered to the ground & wiggled his butt. He was ready to pounce on his prey. In 3 seconds, Tramp ran & landed on the blue ball. He rolled, growled & bit the ball. It squeaked & squished in his paws. This was so fun! 

Tramp backed up & pounced on his ball again. This time, he landed and the ball slipped out from under him, flying to his right. It hit the fence, then it flew to the left. His ball flew over the fence and into the alley! This had never happened to Tramp before. At first he was puzzled. He’d never left the yard before, let alone see a toy leave. Then, in a split second he decided to try to jump the fence to retrieve his blue ball. He didn’t think it would go far. Tramp gracefully leaped over the fence as if he’d done it before. As he came down, he tumbled onto the cold blacktop. It felt odd to him; it wasn’t soft grass or carpet. Nor was it wood like in the shop window. The ground was wet too. 

Before he had time to even think of exploring this new area, Tramp saw his ball rolling around the corner of the street. Playfully, he ran after it. He turned left down the street and thought he’d catch up to it. However, the little blue ball had rolled further into another open street. Tramp and never seen this road before. It had cars parked on the sides & faced more shops. He stopped and waited for a few seconds, taking it all in. After thinking the coast was clear, he started to run after the ball. Suddenly, he heard a loud horn by his left ear. He looked and a motorcar was several feet from his body. Tramp didn’t know weather to freeze or run. He ducked under the car, practically laying on the road. It quickly passed over him, not harming him. He stayed looking left & started to run across. Just then, a man on a bicycle was coming at him from the right. Tramp barley dodged the bike and made it to the side of the street. The man on the bike fell over when swerving to avoid hitting this cute pup. He started looking for his blue ball again. As he spotted it, Tramp could hear the bicyclist yelling at him. Ignoring the person, Tramp ran to his ball. He proudly picked it up in his mouth and turned around. There was a big pair of feet standing in front of him. 

“You little mutt! That hurt. I almost hit ya!” the man yelled at Tramp. Tramp looked down at the ground. He was busted this time for sure. As he sadly looked up, the man dropped down lower to get a look at the pup. “Oh, you were getting your ball weren’t you?” Tramp’s little tail began to wag. He even smiled with the ball in his mouth. The man looked at him with a little smirk. He gave the puppy a pet and said, “Well, there aren’t any homes on this street so you must be all alone. What do you say I bring you to my home? We will see what my wife thinks of ya.” Tramp dropped his ball. Did he just get adopted? Wow! Tramp jumped up and started licking the mans face excitedly. He could barley reach the man’s chin. The man laughed, “Ok, let’s go little buddy!” The man scooped up Tramp & his blue ball and started to walk down the street, walking the bike as well.  

Tramp had never felt this way before. He felt happy inside & nervous at the same time. He knew he was happy to be adopted. In fact, he was very happy to be out of that window & away from the other puppies. However, Tramp couldn’t push away the worry of living with people. The unknown excited him but the possibility of rules frightened him. As him & the man reached the street of houses, all those worries disappeared. 

All the houses were pretty nice. Was he going to live here? All the houses had fences & one floor. As Tramp looked down the street, he could see that way down, there were even fancier houses. Those had 2 floors & looked huge! But Tramp didn’t need those. They turned into the driveway of his house. The house was yellow with a black roof & a wooden door. There was a yard in front that was at least twice the size of Tramp’s little yard back at the pet shop. They approached the door & went inside. 

“Honey, I’m home! I have a surprise..” Tramp waited in the man’s arms and felt very excited. The man set the pup down in the parlor. “Mark I’m in the kitchen!”said his wife, Honey. Mark turned to Tramp and whispered, “Stay here.” Then he went into the kitchen. 

Tramp looked at his new pad. There was a nice, small living room with an old couch. It was quaint and simple. There was also a table with flowers on it and Tramp could smell them from his spot. There were two windows in the room and Tramp felt the need to go look out one. But he stopped himself–he needed to listen to Mark and stay in the parlor. 

“Honey, look what I brought?!” Mark said, showing her Tramp. “You brought home a puppy?” she said, looking unflattered. Tramp tried to smile & look as cute as possible. 

Mark picked Tramp up in his arms. “Yes. I found him all alone. He would be a good pet to have, especially before the baby comes in–” “In 5 months,” Honey interrupted. “You think we need another thing to worry about?” she asked. Mark took a deep breath while Tramp felt himself holding his own. 

“Think of him as practice before the baby then, if you can’t think of having a pet,” Mark said with a smirk. “After all, most people start with pets, not kids,” he said. “Mark.”she said sternly. “Oh come on, please?” Mark said holding Tramp out, closer to his wife. Honey looked over Tramp. He was cute, and she noticed he and her husband both had the same begging look in their eyes. They were both too adorable to deny.

“Alright he can stay.” Mark hugged her & Tramp started licking both of them in the middle. Together they laughed but Honey cut it short, “But once the baby is here, he’s out if he misbehaves. Understood?” The boys both nodded simultaneously. Honey was strict, but it was nothing the pup couldn’t handle. Tramp felt overjoyed and new; he finally had a home, a family. He was happy at how the day had turned out, and when Mark gave him his own bowl of food later, Tramp was content.
Stay tuned for Part 2 of this story. Thanks for reading!


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