Grumpy: The Funniest of the 7 Dwarfs 

We’ve all watched Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs and we know all the dwarfs’ names by heart. Dopey, Happy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful & Sleepy. All of them were funny in their own way. But I know what you’re thinking…….

Grumpy isn’t the funny one, Dopey is! That’s partly true, yes. However, I have a different view; one that I got as an adult–not a child.

As children watching this Disney classic, we were meant to laugh at Dopey. Dopey was the comic relief for the kids! Everything he does is funny, even though he doesn’t talk. And I’m pretty sure Walt Disney meant for it to be this way. It’s true, ALL seven dwarfs are funny, but the top two are Grumpy & Dopey–with Doc right behind them at #3. 

Dopey does crazy funny stuff. The funniest is probably when he eats the soap! Honestly though, as an adult, all I can think of is how gross that would be in real life. Right?! There are plenty of other things Dopey does that are pretty funny too. I’m sure you remember them like I do. 

Grumpy is funnier in his lines & attitude. He says all the funny lines that mainly adults get. However, he can come across as mean to children. Again, that’s on purpose, hence the name Grumpy. You can tell he’s the guy who doesn’t like change & is very superstitious. For example, he’s pretty sure the Evil Queen is full of “black magic” and will “swoop down and reak her vengeance on us!” in his own words. And he’s totally right most of the time! My favorite part is when everyone else is washing up & Grumpy thinks it’s nuts….  “A fine bunch of water lillies you turned out to be.” I’m laughing out loud every time he says it! 

Another one who’s funny for adults is #3: Doc. Doc sputters his speech all thru the film but is obviously the smartest of the group. There are plenty of times that it is hysterical what he actually says vs what he’s trying to say. For example, when Doc is trying to find out who Snow White is, he first says “What are you and who are you doin?” Come on guys…. that’s a hidden dirty joke in there! Doc is trying to say “Who are you and what are you doin here?” And it didn’t come out that way. He’s another funny one where you have to hear/understand his lines. 

Lastly, there is one more slightly funny thing that doesn’t involve a dwarf. After the Evil Queen has changed into an old lady, and after creating her poison apple, she checks the spell book. She checks to make sure there’s no cure for the sleeping death. But there is… love’s first kiss. Her response? “Love’s first kiss! (Slams book shut) She’ll be buried alive!” And she laughs hysterically at the idea of the cure actually happening. To be honest, it’s kinda funny that she doesn’t believe it could even happen. Didn’t she see the prince? There’s always a chance when it’s true love! 

It’s also funny cuz I’m single and I’m pretty sure somewhere, someone thinks it’s as impossible as the Evil Queen does… haha!

Let’s try a little experiment….

1) Close your eyes & think way back to watching Snow White as a kid. Now, think of all the times you laughed SO hard at Dopey. What was he doing that was so funny? Write it down. 

2) Now, think about all the times you thought Grumpy was mean when you watched this film as a kid: Why was he mean in your opinion? When was it in the story? Write it down.

3) Finally, watch the movie as an adult. If you can, do it by yourself. As you watch, see which parts make you laugh now. See which parts aren’t as funny as you remember them. And, see if anything makes you cry (bonus*which dwarf makes you cry when they cry about Snow White’s death?) Also, see if a totally different character makes you laugh!

*Here are my results/thoughts in terms of the questions above: (I added pictures just did fun)

1) I used to laugh really hard at Dopey eating the soap or when Sneezy sneezed. Sneezy was another funny one that I forgot! I also laughed when the turtle falls down the stairs. Otherwise, this film was never my favorite… but now I like it way more!

2) Grumpy was mean when he wanted to send Snow White away. Also, why didn’t he want to wash? She just wanted him to be clean. 

3) Dopey isn’t as funny, but still had some funny parts. Sneezy is only funny to me the first time he sneezes so bad that everyone flys away. The turtle falling is still funny! Snow White is funny when she figures out which one Grumpy is. 

Omg Doc, that was a dirty joke.. haha!

After Grumpy runs into the door, Snow White goes, “Aw did you hurt yourself??” GOOD BURN Snow White! Hahaha

OMG Grumpy is so funny! Am I just like him?? My new favorite line sequence is: Grumpy: “They’re full of wicked wiles.” Bashful: “What are wicked wiles?” Grumpy: “I don’t know, but imma get ’em!” Lol 

Oh lord, let’s just say this: “Bbbb bbbb bbbb!” I love that washing scene. 

That silly song is funnier than you think….

Grumpy DOES like her…. Oh no, he’s sad that she’s dead. OK IM CRYING NOW! Thanks Grumpy..

Yay! She’s alive! Grumpy must be so happy. Well, they all are. A Happy Ending!

*– That was it! I would love to hear your results & answers too! Please comment & we can compare.*

So you see why I think Grumpy is the funniest? Plus, my family agrees. Go Grumpy!

Thanks for reading! This one was fun, also it gave me a chance to review some characters I never thought of before. Enjoy!
Pictures all came from Google or screen shots of my own. 

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