New Night Routine for my Cat & Me

After watching the show from Animal Planet, My Cat From Hell, I have finally decided to follow some of Jackson Galaxy’s tips. I’ve watched this show several times for years I think. It’s time to put one trick on my cat. I just hope I can go through with it… 


 My aunts- who have several cats- have followed most of them and have been successful. I live with them & sometimes they give me crap about my cat, Alice’s behavior. No, she’s not a cat from Hell, but she can cause a ruckus. I mean, she does think she’s a princess. It took her a while to get used to the other cats in the house but she did! And I’m proud of her for that. Still, Alice can be a wild one. For example, Alice’s biggest & only problem is bedtime. Now, I know it many people don’t care about their cat’s bedtime. Granted, cats sleep about 20 hours a day. They are born nocturnal! So it’s natural for my Alice to want to run around the house all night, chasing bugs instead of coming to sleep with me in my room. I can’t even close the door half the time! And there’s times when I leave it open, she closes it. So annoying! I thought playing with Alice before bed would help wear her out. Sadly, that’s not her problem at night. But it is good to play with her more! 

According to Jackson Galaxy in one of his shows, this type of behavior, weather its meowing or scratching on my door forever, is just to get MY attention. Crazy but true. If I want Alice to sleep or stop scratching my door at night, I need to ignore her at all costs. She may rip up the carpet, scratch the door to no end, or get on my desk and make a mess. Whatever she does, I can’t acknowledge her. If I’m trying to sleep I have to pretend I’m sleeping. Horrible, right?! But it does work. My aunts put their cats to bed in their bathroom every night. About two months ago, one of their cats- Spot- would pull his paw from under the door and literally howl. After weeks of them getting up & yelling at him, they decided to try this tip. And after two weeks, it worked! He never does it anymore. 


Tonight is my first night. I figure spring break is the best time to try it out. Then I can sleep in a little on most days. So as I write this, Alice is losing her mind at my door. She’s jumped on my desk, knocked down a photo, which I then put in a better place. She’s almost howling now like Spot used to. All while I’m typing, ignoring, & watching The Aristocats. Not that ANY cats are as perfect as those cats. But I love it anyways! 


 I still love her. As she goes nuts, I’m trying to keep calm. And she’s slowing down on the scratching.. But not the howling! Let’s just hope she’ll chill when I actually try to sleep tonight… And tomorrow. 

Wish us luck! Well, mainly me. 

Thanks for reading! All photos by me or from Google. 

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