Disneyland 60th Anniversary: DIAMOND Celebration

I am SO excited for the 60th Anniversary of “The Happiest Place on Earth”; Disneyland. No, not Walt Disney World in Florida. The original Disneyland in LA, California.


If you are a Disney nerd like me, you know the difference. Right?! Sleeping Beauty’s Castle vs. Cinderella’s Castle. DUH! Not to mention the difference in size & location. I know Walt Disney World is great too but in its own way.

disney vs

Anyways, the 60th Diamond Celebration @ Disneyland has already started. But is anyone else going on the actual anniversary date like me? I know I will be there on July 17th, the REAL anniversary. If you ask my family, the whole “kick off” that was done on May 22nd, was a little early. Still, they are trying to get tons of people pumped up for it. I hope it is just as fun as the 50th was for my Aunts. There are new Fireworks, “Disney Forever” I believe it is called. There is also a new light parade! FINALLY!! I am ready to go on vacation now.  Already, Disney has released several special items for sale for the Anniversary. Like sweatshirts, plates, purses, and stuffed animals which are normal for almost every anniversary or new year. I just hope they have some new mickey ears! I know I’ll bring my Minnie Headband I bought a couple years ago…

me and jordyn disney

Another new souvenir that I am EXTREMELY pumped for is the new pressed penny machines! They released several new machines just for the 60th. They did similar with the 50th called “Magical Milestones”. These new ones for this year are so cool!! I can’t wait to collect them myself. They even have a booklet that shows you where they are located. Where has this been for every other trip?!?!


They have new ones with rides on them. For example, they have and Adventureland one with the Indiana Jones ride on it!! And they have one with the castle on it too. I know, I’m a nerd. But I love Disneyland. It is like a second home for me. I know some people who feel the same as me.

Since I know so much about Disneyland, I make pressed penny jewelry that I sell on Etsy & now on Storenvy.com! Storenvy has all my newest & limited edition items. The links to both shops will be below if you are interested in shopping. I know I will be bringing some jewelry to wear to the 60th this summer. Why not have some authentic, pressed penny jewelry to show off at Disneyland when you go? That would make you the ultimate fan!

penny banner crop

These are just a few items I sell. All of them handmade by me. And every item is a one-of-a-kind. So nobody else will be as fan-girl’d out as you! I hope you like them!!

DSC_2525 DSC_2530

Shop now on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/StrandedbyKylie

Shop now on Storenvy: http://strandedbykylie.storenvy.com

Enjoy! And I hope you have as much fun at Disneyland as I do! Bring on the Disney gear.


*All photos by me except one found on Google, via sodahead.com


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