Disney Animals List: Mice/Rats

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do one of my Disney lists. And I’m very happy to get back to it! So here I go! Have you ever wondered how many Disney Animated Mice there are? Well, this list will tell you ALL of them, in order! This one is mainly Disney mice but includes rats as well-there are just less of them. 

Now, obviously Mickey & Minnie would be the first ever Disney mice, but we aren’t including them in this list. I’m talking about all the classic movies, and most of the newer stuff too. Mickey & Minnie may have been cartoons but not full length films until later. There are a few movies I never saw in the early 2000s so if there’s animals from them I missed, please comment & tell me! I will not be offended. But on all the other classics and such, I know what I’m doing. 😉 

1) Timothy Mouse- Dumbo (1941). Yes, Timothy the mouse was the first mouse in an animated movie. He was pretty cute & tried to be quite the role model for Dumbo. Well, he was at least Dumbo’s only support besides Ms. Jumbo. He was also pretty funny too! 

2) Field mouse- Bambi (1942). This cute little guy we see during the Little April Shower scene. He’s so cute!! 

3) Ratty- Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. toad (1949). Ratty was a rat who was one of Mr. Toad’s friends. He was the smart, level headed one of the group. Also to me, the strongest. He also had a Sherlock Holmes vibe almost… 

4) Jaque(Jack) & the mice- Cinderella (1950). Jack or Jaque, however you say it, was one of the lead boy mice that were Cinderella’s friends. And Gus becomes his best friend. Jack is also really smart.

The rest of the mice are mostly girls. Anyways, they fix up Cinderella’s first dress for the ball. I don’t know how many exactly there are. But I know there are about 3 other boy mice..

5) Gus Gus (Octavius)- Cinderella (1950). Gus is the new mouse on the block. He’s also the chubby one. But he’s very cute! Both Gus Gus & Jack return in Cinderella 2 & Cinderella 3. 

6) Doormouse- Alice In Wonderland (1951). The Doormouse-or as I used to say, tea cup mouse- is so cute! It’s sleepy, afraid of cats, and cute. What’s better than that?

7) The Rat- Lady & the Tramp (1955). Not gonna lie, this rat always freaked me out. Lady was right to go after it in the beginning of the film. It was sneaky, mean looking, every normal stereotype of rats! Even this picture takes me back to being scared as a child. Luckily, Tramp saved everyone from it. Go Tramp! 
8) Roquefort- The Aristocats (1970). That’s right, there was a whole 5 year gap before we had another rodent– and technically 9 year gap between animated mice. Roquefort is the cute mouse who lives in the mansion with Duchess & the kittens. For one mouse, he works very hard to save his friends! He even went to an alley, searching for alley cats! He should’ve been the original Mighty Mouse.

9) Father Sexton & Mother Church Mouse(Little Sister)- Robin Hood (1973). These two mice lived in the church in Nottingham. Yes, we have a Father Sexton. And the “Mother” mouse is referred to as Little Sister by Friar Tuck. Many people think that’s her name. They both are a little spunky too!

10) Mice family in prison- Robin Hood (1973). This family of mice look so sad! Sharing one tiny crumb. Glad they go out of jail thanks to Robin Hood….

11)Bernard- The Rescuers (1977). Before I talk about Bernard, let me just say that this was the next movie after Robin Hood. Nothing in between… They spent 3 years creating one of the saddest, but sweetest stories ever–and it was all about mice! Ok, back to the characters…

Bernard was the janitor for the R.A.S. (Rescue Aid Society) location in the airport of New York. After catching Miss Bianca’s eye, he becomes basically an agent for R.A.S. Together, he & Miss Bianca go on to save many children’s lives. 

12) Miss Bianca- The Rescuers (1977). Miss Bianca is the agent of R.A.S. from Hungary I believe–even though she sounds French. She’s white, pretty & is dedicated to her job. She recruited Bernard without real permission. But let’s face it, when your pretty, you don’t need permission! Haha 

Bianca & Bernard also feature in their second film, The Rescuers Down Under(1990). Upon rescuing a boy in this film, Bernard also pops the question! It’s so ADORABLE!! We will talk about more characters from that film later… Back to the original!

13) R.A.S Leader & more-The Rescuers (1977). This guy runs the meetings of the Rescue Aid Society. He gets “pushed over” by Bianca to enstate Bernard into the group. He is also in the second film in 1990. Only in the very beginning. 

There are also several other mice-male mice- who are jumping up and down to volunteer with Miss Bianca to go save the little girl. It’s pretty funny actually! Oh, and there’s one lady mouse who cannot sing. I’ll never forget her! Like please, stop. 

14) Olivia & Mr. Flavasham- The Great Mouse Detective (1986). These are the first mice we see in this movie, and they are very important! Mr. Flavasham is a mouse toy maker.his daughter, Olivia, is having her birthday when we meet them. He made her a beautiful ballerina toy. They were so happy… Before Mr. Flavasham was taken by a bat! This started our movie… 

15) Dr. David Q. Dawson- The Great Mouse Detective (1986). Doctor Dawson is the second mouse we meet. He helps Olivia find Basil of Baker Street so she can find her father. Dawson is older, but very caring for Olivia. He also stands by what he believes in. In the end of the movie, he becomes Basil’s partner in solving crime. 

16) Basil of Baker Street- The Great Mouse Detective (1986).  Basil of Baker Street: the greatest detective in London! So smart, but according to him its elementary. Basil lives underneath Sherlock Holmes. If you didn’t know before, he is the mouse version of Holmes! And Dawson becomes the mouse version of Dr. Watson, Holmes’ partner. 

Like any crime fighting story, Basil has been trying to catch a criminal for a while. Who is that criminal you ask? Well….

17) Professor Ratigan & his followers- The Great Mouse Detective (1986). Professor Ratigan is the world’s greatest criminal mind. Now, even though it says it in his name, Ratigan does NOT like to be called a rat. Why? No one really knows. I think a couple things: First, we know he wants to rule the kingdom & he’s bigger than most mice. So, maybe they are the only ones he can run instead of ruling his own kind? 

My other thought touches on Basil saying how he’s “a genius twisted by evil.” I think he’s very professional BUT if his inner rat side comes out, he’s psycho. Hence, another reason why he doesn’t want to be called a rat. He almost loses it several times after being called one. We see how beastly he truly is at the end of the film… 

In terms of Ratigan’s followers, he has quite a bit. Again, no clue how! He even has a lizard (shown in group photo above) & a bat! But the one mouse follower that stands out is the poor, drunken Bartholemu. And sadly, he gets killed because he called Ratigan a rat. It was by accident, I think… This shows Ratigan’s issue with being a rat.

18) The Queen- The Great Mouse Detective (1986). The Queen of mice in London! It’s her 60th year as Queen and of course, Ratigan wants to take it over. Luckily, Basil saves the day! 

19) Girl singing mice & more- The Great Mouse Detective (1986). In the bar/pub scene, there is a white lady mouse who sings (and strips a little). She and her two backup dancers make all the boys feel better. And to be honest, I love the song she sings! I wish I could buy it on iTunes. 

Besides them, there are the sailor mice in the pub. There’s also the waitress and bartender who end up drugging Basil & Dawson’s drinks. Of course, Basil doesn’t drink it, only Dawson does. Lol

Basil also lives with/has a maid that we meet in the beginning, before we even meet Basil! She’s pretty funny & must make some delicious cheese crumpets.
The only other mice in this film are in the palace at the Queen’s Jubilee, which are residents of London & Mousedom. There are a few guards as well but they get beat up and Ratigan’s men replace them in costumes.
20) Jake- The Rescuers Down Under (1990). Look at that, we’re back to the Rescuers! Jake is a really funny Aussie kangaroo rat I think. Or he’s a really big field mouse. He helps Bianca & Bernard thru the wild desert to save Cody. Jake also tends to flirt with Bianca. In the process, he ends up showing up Bernard in a couple scenes. 

21) More R.A.S. Mice- The a Rescuers Down Under (1990). Right in the beginning of the movie, a boy named Cody falls into a poachers trap. How? He tried to save a mouse who was tied above it with a bell. This is AFTER he saves a giant bird. Anyways, when Cody gets kidnapped by the poacher, the mouse runs for help. From there, more R.A.S. mice make the call-or telegram-for help. We see R.A.S. mice there in Australia, in Hawaii & of course New York again. 

We also see some mice in a fancy restaurant. When Bernard initially wanted to propose, the ring fell under a nearby table. He snuck under it to get it and caused some commotion in the process. His nerves got the best of him… And the poor mouse with the big girlfriend haha. 

22) Field Mouse a.k.a. Scar’s Lunch- The Lion King(1994). This mouse was supposed to be Scar’s lunch. Zazu scarred it off. Well, actually he distracted Scar and that’s how the mouse got to live! He is pretty cute. He also seems like quite a fighter; he wasn’t getting eaten that day! 

23)Remy- Ratatouille (2007). Wow! That’s quite a gap! Remember, there were some 2 movies in between there. Otherwise, not many mice OR rats anywhere. Not until Disney & Pixar created this film! This is their first and ONLY film to paint rats in a different light, so to speak. So, this is Remy, the main character…

Remy is a rat with a highly developed sense of smell and taste. Basically, he has a better palette than most of us. He knows how to cook, likes to read and doesn’t hate humans. His story summed up is that he ends up helping a kid cook in a big famous restaurant. In the end, the place shuts down and he gets a new place of his own to cook in France… And he can actually be a chef without it being a secret! This movie has quickly become my favorite. If you haven’t seen it, you should! It’s one of Disney’s hidden, underrated movies. Yes,mint got great ratings but Disney hasn’t done anything with it really.

24) Emile- Ratatouille (2007). Emile is Remy’s brother. I think he’s older? Not to sure, but he likes to eat anything. Emile is also pretty fat. He also knows about Remy liking humans, tv and cooking. Remy feels he can be himself with Emile. Now that’s brotherhood. 

25) Django- Ratatouille (2007). This is Remy & Emile’s Dad. Yeah, I didn’t realize that Django was his name either!! It fits him; he’s tough and is the leader of the rat clan. He also doesn’t care what he eats. Remy saves him in the beginning from eating something with rat poison on it. It took the whole movie for his Dad to warm up to Remy liking humans and wanting to cook. But he does love his kids. 

26) Rat Clan- Ratatouille (2007). This is the clan! I believe there are about 200 rats and counting in this group. It’s amazing that all the rats got out of the old lady’s house together except Remy! Django must have a good escape plan in action. In the picture below, check out the huge rat. He has a tag on his ear like he was in a science lab or something. Maybe that’s why he’s so big?? Anyways, the calm does help Remy out in the end. And Remy and his human friends set up their restaurant to be rat friendly too! Very cool! 

27) Cheese- Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue(2010). This mouse is pretty cute. Plus the fact that his name is Cheese is just adorable! He gets along with Fawn and all the fairies. I believe he is in other films besides this one too. I haven’t seen them all yet, I’ve seen them sparaticly thanks to my little sister. 

28) Residents of Little Rodentia- Zootopia (2016). Yes, I’m sure there are both rats and mice in this part of Zootopia. They all get in a scurry when officer Hopps goes after a robbing weasel. It’s a pretty funny scene! 

Now, I know your thinking “What about Mr. Big?”. Well, he and his daughter are Arctic shrews.  So, I am not including him in this list. If I did, then I’d have to include ALL rodents, including beavers. (There’s a lot of rodents in that category) So I figure THAT can be another list: Disney Animals: Other Rodents. 🙂 When I post it, I will add the link on here. And don’t worry, I won’t forget Mr. Big & his daughter. 

29) Bruno’s Rats- Encanto (2021). We don’t talk about Bruno, but we should talk about his rats!! These guys are kind of cute, but don’t eat them. They seem to be Bruno’s companions/helpers in the movie. I’m just glad Antonio can talk to them!

This concludes the list of Disney Animated Mice & Rats. There are 28+ mice and rats; 28 main mice/rats or groups in Disney movies so far. This was fun! Mice & rats are small and sometimes aren’t shown much. Disney is always sure to include all animals, no matter how big or small. Especially since it all started with Walt Disney & a mouse. 😉 

Thanks for reading! Here are the following sites I used to help me out with dates, pictures and some other little details. 

Last updated: 4/6/2022

Animated Disney Movie List: http://www.disneymovieslist.com/animated-disney-movies

Pictures: Google
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